Founders' Library

libcongThe words and deeds of the Founders shaped America’s constitutional system.  The Founders’ Library contains primary documents from the founding era.  The writings of seminal figures and the works of other great American statesmen are located in the American Political Figures section. The Founders’ writings are also located in the section named correspondingly. Political leaders are not the only influential group, however. Philosophers and Preachers also played a role in America’s Founding. The Philosophical Sources of the Founding contains the works of Sir William Blackstone and John Locke. In the Preachers’ Pen section there are many sermons and speeches from religious figures from the mid to late eighteenth century. With the regime, many court decisions played a crucial role in clarifying the laws of the nation. Some of the influential cases are located in the section titled Court Decisions. Governing bodies also produced a wealth of information.

In the Government Document section there are three subsections:

British Government Documents
American Federal Government Documents
State and Local Government Documents

The first subsection contains the British parliamentary acts which affronted the colonists. The second subsection contains Congressional declarations, petitions and other important documents from the founding era. The third subsection contains an assortment of documents from eighteenth century state and local government.